WARNING: These Ridiculous Results Are NOT For Everyone

Give Me Just 30 Days And I'll Get You Back In To The Best Shape Of Your Life 


You'll be leaner, fitter, faster, stronger and more confident than you've ever been before.

Did you know that most people including fitness instructors all around the world are so focused on helping others, trying to run a family, a business that they oftern neglect themselves and their self worth and body and health has to suffer as a result...

I get it. And I’ve been there.

But lead by example and they shall and be able to follow you forever.

Look, I’m not gonna preach to you on what you need to do to stay fit and healthy at the moment during these tough times

Because let's be honest that shit is everywhere and preached in your face 24/7 on social media.

I KNOW you know deep down what you have got to do.

So my question is WHEN?

I know it's not your fault though....

I get it may take a week or so to try and get used to all this change and new rountines 

But also the culprit can be your environment......

Now being in the health and fitness industry specially training groups on and offline for the last 9 years, let me show you two different examples with 'bootcamps' or groups

You get bootcamps or groups
that are:

"Carefree and Chilled"

Then there are:

"Forced Transformation"

"Carefree and chilled" are the groups or bootcamps which are normally Pay As You Go, meaning in short...train when you simply can be assed to turn up

There is not really any commitment or drive for your results and your outcome, and everything is pretty casual.

That's great for some, because you can have a good natter while your burn around 10 calories for the hour.

Then you have

'Forced Transformation"

This is one environment that is buzzing with enthusiasm.

Where everyone has invested in themselves.

Who are commited to their goals.

Skin in the game, paid already upfront. 

And plenty of motivation from others and accountability too!

Which, I have to say is the most important thing for results.

Because we all need someone to keep us in line when we are just having one of those days and a good kick up the arse too :) 

The outcomes?

Well, one environment builds incredibly amazing humans plus LOADS of self confidence.  

(Just like what I provide)

The other... let’s you be lazy and slack off, this one leaves you to your own devices. 

Not good. 

Which may be the start of things for you now?....

But fear not.

I’m not suggesting you need to join the military, or joining my groups.  

However, I do have a solution.

And you do not even have to meet me either...

Introducing: 30 Days To PHITness....

If you're sick of feeling like shit, worrying so much and the way you look including your awful food choices daily that is only making things even worse for anxiety and health ....

Then it's time to get pumped up, get that mojo back and train with me which normally would cost you over £400 in person

I have included exclusive members only group also and added the one thing that is sorely missing from many other peoples health & fitness ‘solutions’.....

Yep, thats right, I will make sure you get the work done.

I will not let you fail or give up.

And whatever profession you are in...

Whatver is your goal...

Together as a group...



You'll need a kettlebell and that's it. I'll be mixing Kettlebell exercises with bodyweight exercises. But don't worry. If you don't have one, or you don't like using a kettlebell. You can easily switch my exercises for your own or using a pair of dumbbells or medicine ball or anything in fact!


My Methodology Is Pretty Simple..

1) Build Strong Habits
By completing your daily 20 minute workout, you'll naturally build this new habit in to your day to day routine. The key is to simply block out a regular time for it in your schedule, so you stay consistent and succeed. Don't worry though, you do not have to do all 30. Gradually build up but the best thing is you will have these workout with you forever. 

2) Lead By Example
Practice what you preach, lead by example & become a fantastic role model to your children, work colleagues, family, friends & clients.

It's all about walking your own talk.

That's why I have done so much crazy fitness stuff over the years to simply try and INSPIRE.

3) Stay Accountable 
When you follow through on your promises consistently you start to build unstoppable momentum which seeps in to every area of your life.
It’s my job to keep you on track, week in week out, so you don’t revert back to your old & destructive patterns.

And to show you that this stuff works...

Here's What's Included 

1 x 20 minute workout posted in your private Facebook group each day that you must complete

These unique workouts combine High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) with resistance training plus easier exercise alternatives for those just starting 

HIIT has been well known to build up fitness and burn fat rapidly while resitance training will assit this process even faster not mention buid muscle tone and strength

They also shall be working all muscle groups including abs and core to help limit issues such a back ache and any muscle imbalances you may have

After you will feel vibrant, strong and energised to attack the day!

 Accountability: If your excuse for not getting your ass in gear is lack of accountability then consider it handled. Just check in with us through the week and we’ll do the rest. 

You'll receive all 30 workouts at the end of the challenge, plus all 30 Facebook posts so you can run this exact challenge with your group.  

I will inspire and pump you up daily with excellent content to help keep you focused and in the zone to achieve your goals and targets


 PLUS! How To Turn Yourself In to a Clean Eating, Fat Burning Machine!


30 Day Clean Eating Challenge 

It’s a fact that diet and exercise are both crucial to your well-being and your waistline.

And that generally adhering to recommended nutrition guidelines is the best way to optimize your health overall. 

So, get involved with us here and I will drip feed you, small bite-sized lessons one per day, making them easy to understand and implement for lifelong changes and results.

And of course extra inspirational and motivating content too!

Can not go out?

Don't worry!

These tips will be able to assit and help change your life for the better once things have got back to normal...it's a no brainer really! 

Now I’m sure you’re wondering,  can you even afford this? 

I was considered doing this for free, but unless you pay at least something for it, the chances are you won't action it. 

You need to have a bit of skin in the game, so to speak.

So, I'm asking you to invest just 0.83 pence per day over the 30 days....

That's a one time only payment of

JUST £25
>>> For A Limted Time Only <<<

At the end of the challenge you will get:

A: All 30 workouts typed up (Value £29)

B: All 30 workout videos (Value £72)

C: Other FREE bonus content like:

* Healthy Cooking Bible
* Smoothie recipes
* Exclusive Discounts

PLUS many more

Worth over £100!

Pretty cool eh?! 


If you read this so far, I’m guessing you’re committed to getting yourself back on track.

And at 0.83p a day it's a no brainer!

You can do these workouts ANYWHERE and as many or little as you want.

Step 1: Hit the button below and sign up

Step 2: You will then be added to my private FB group in time where you'll get to hangout & workout with like minded others while you are waiting.

Training starts 6th April and runs for 30 days but you can jump in at any time!

Are you ready for 30 days of getting back to your best?

Are you with me?

Then let's do this. 

Matt Jupp - Transformation Coach


Who Are You?

Hi my name is Matt Jupp and I provide The Ultimate Weight Loss And Fitness Formula in Weston-Super-Mare, Somerset England. My small and exclusive ‘Phit Fam’ is an indoor and outdoor weight loss and fitness program which bases exercise around the natural way in which our bodies are designed to move without any intimidating heavy weights or fancy gimmicks. 

What I provide is no ordinary bootcamp or exercise class though. Mainly using ‘HIIT’ (High-Intensity Interval Training), which is scientifically known to be the best and most effective way to increase your metabolism and send your body into fat burning weight loss overdrive My training methods are always refreshing, unique, fun and creative Yet challenging and progressive the whole time. 

This will be an addictive fitness journey that you have never experienced before. Your self-confidence levels will skyrocket while unlocking your weight loss and fitness potential to a whole new level. All provided in a motivational and non-judgemental atmosphere. Plus with full support including Nutrition and daily habits coaching. Our exclusive groups are targeted for frustrated men and women aged between 28-50. Men and women who are determined to get into shape and want to experience greater things in life. But most important of all Those who just want to love themselves and live again once more after sadly letting themselves go from other lifestyle commitments. 

I specialise in weight loss and fitness for groups and I know how exactly to deliver those results. Those results that will help you achieve that lean, fit and toned body physique. Because of this… I have enhanced the life of 100′s of men and women. Personally helping them lose the weight and help to keep it off for good with my honest yet simple lifestyle coaching. Bringing their energy and productivity at work to another level with my experience being in the industry for the last 9 years.Being the first outdoor fitness provider even to exist in Weston-Super-Mare 

Helping my members improve their relationships, sex life and connections with their partners and families too. 

Before though many of these guys tried pretty much every soul-crushing diet, club, class and local ‘boot camp’ going… Trying fat burner pills and sipping ridiculously expensive shakes. Getting involved with counterproductive workouts from fitness magazines Or feeling just not good enough from constant patronizing advice from other fitness professionals… Those who seem to live the ‘perfect life’ and have never had a bad day. End result? They did not get the results they were after…. Sadly ending up heavier, lost and feeling frustrated than ever before… Until they contacted me of course. You see, I kill fat for a living. And I am pretty nifty at getting people fit as a fiddle also. This has been my passion and experience training groups for the last 9 years. Motivating and inspiring them with my own personal achievements along the way. Examples are: Representing the UK for the Obstacle Course Race World Championships in Canada. 

Completing a 69 Mile Ultra Marathon in 16 hours from Carlisle to Newcastle 

Taking on a 36-hour SAS endurance event called THE UNKNOWN 

And most recent being an ambassador and part of the Vivo Life team 

I admit it though… weight loss isn’t easy. If it was then we wouldn’t have such an obesity problem. And this is just getting worse on a daily basis. There’s so much conflicting miss leading information out there that you just don’t know what’s going to work for you right? 

I don’t think I am MR PERFECT either… I have had many struggles in my life too. I have quit things more times I can remember and I’ve had my fair share of past regrets too. I mean haven’t we all? 

So I can empathize but also help you too But without all the time-wasting gimmicks and bullshit in this industry, I am here to help you change your life if you want to take it. And I’m 100% committed to your success.